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Every year, on the first Dragon Day after the first full moon, Giay ethnic group at Ta Van Commune, sa pa vietnam District, Lao Cai Province hold Roong Pooc festival in order to show people’s gratitude towards their guardians. After many years of celebration, the festival has spread among Muong Hoa Valley and become a […]

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Sa pa vietnam lies in the very north west of Vietnam near the Chinese border. Along with Halong Bay it is the “other” major excursion from Hanoi. Time permitting you can do a circuit around the northwest highlands which takes in Mai Chau, Son La, Dien Bien Phu, Lai Chau and finally Sapa before heading […]

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Hang Bac is one is one of the 36 ancient streets in Ha Noi. It’s is known for the famous silver craft. Hang Bac Street A majority of the street names in the Old Quarter start with the word hang. Hang means merchandise or shop. The guild streets were named for their product, service or location. […]

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Situated on Ma May street, the address 87 is one of a few ancient houses which is conserved and preserved as a landmark providing information on human history as well as Hanoi capital. More: Explore places to visit in vietnam with hivietnam: find out when to go, view itineraries and read about lakes, bays, street food and water […]

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Actually, no one feel incurious when they first come to The Vin Steak which is considered as a mysterious  wine cellar and one of the most impressive points as well as affirmation of its own level which is not the same as any upper-class restaurants or luxurious restaurants. Other: Ever wonder when is best time to visit […]